What to bring!

Of course you know what to bring to a standard festival, but this is a bit different, so here is a random list of things which could be useful:

  • NON-Disposable plates, forks, knives, spoons, glasses (so we don’t have to throw things away and create waste) and a solid cup you can take with you (so you can share drinks with others),
  • Tent, RV/Camper or just a large car you can sleep in,
  • Something to sleep on (e.g. inflatable mattress) and under (it could get cold at night),
  • Baby wipes (there are only few washing facilities and these things actually keep you fresh!),
  • Towels (also to dry the dishes),
  • Ear plugs,
  • Head/flashlight (preferably on rechargeable batteries of course :),
  • (Portable) ashtray, both for your cigarette butts and ashes,
  • First Aid Kit,
  • Duct tape!
  • Something to mark you camp like a flag, balloons, traffic light, laser show, tesla coil,  etc.,
  • Garbage bags (the solid ones that do not rip) or containers,
  • Comfy chair or couch to relax.


  • Alcohol and/or complete cocktail bars (you cannot buy this or anything else at Odd Sins)!
  • Food for the whole time (try to buy food which produces the least amount of waste)
  • A lot of drinking water
  • And of course: crazy clothes, costumes, hats, shoes, caps, wings, tails, things that give light (like EL-wire, crazy flashlights, etc.), umbrella’s, jock straps, music instruments, padding, etc. Try not use glow sticks as they can only be used only once and have polluting chemicals inside).
  • Last but not least, an open mind and respect for others and your environment.

What not to bring

  • Intolerance, arrogance, bullying, aggression, etc., etc., 
  • Animals. We LOVE them, but Odd Sins is not a suitable place for them. Do not show up to the gate and expect to be allowed inside the event with your dog.