Theme Camps

Want to teach others how to do yoga? Give free bad advice from your self made bad-advice booth? Organise a French kissing workshop? Have a bad joke corner? Give a body-painting lessons? Or you just want to create a place where people can hang out, interact and have a break?

That’s a theme-camp!

Theme camps are the foundations of Odd Sins, a place to interact with each other, to experience, to relax, to be engrossed, to lose yourself, etc. Your theme camp can create an ambience, a visual presence, in some way provide a communal space or provide activity. The best camps succeed by simplicity. Concepts that are too big, like theoretical attempts to deconstruct complex social theory or Titanic-length storytelling arcs, will die from disinterest.

All your needs must be thought through to make your camp autonomous. This includes power, water and building equipment. Be prepared to haul everything out that you've brought in. And (seriously) all cigarette butts....LEAVE NO TRACE.

If you'd like some more background and inspiration on the concept of Theme Camps, take a look at some larger examples at the Burning Man Festival: