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The Seven Virtues

We are truly inspired by the Burning Man event and its community. However, we are not trying to create a copy of Burning Man - as if that would even be remotely possible :-)

You might be surprised to hear that us Sinners have seven virtues that we constantly try to live by. We have based them on the Burning Man principles, written in 2004 by Larry Harvey. We are curious to find out whether our virtues can have the same positive effects on its participants as the principles do at Burning Man.

These are our Seven Virtues:

1. Acceptance
Everybody is welcome at Odd Sins. Whether you are old or young, pretty or ugly (by whose standards anyway?), big or small, man or woman or somewhere in between, religious or atheist, smart or stupid or still learning, lefty or righty, up or down: welcome home. You are free to be who you truly are at Odd Sins :-)

2. Participate
Odd Sins is what you make of it: the event is completely 'Do It Yourself and Bring Your Own'. We think that most festival organizations focus too much on making a buck. On the other hand, festival goers are used to passively consuming their drinks, sitting back and watching a tightly pre-planned production.

This is not the case at Odd Sins: there are no visitors, only participants! DJ's, musicians, artists, et cetera do not get paid for their contributions. You participate at Odd Sins, because you think it is heaps and heaps of fun :-) Do not think that you need to be a well-known artist to be welcome at Odd Sins. Participating can be something as simple as walking around with a gigantic smile on your face.

3. Share
Odd Sins will be a place for sharing. Your neighbour at the camping might share his final bread, the DJ who rocked his live set might tell you all about his track choices, and while you are walking outside you might run into a cocktail-bar or a yoga workshop. Money does not exist at Odd Sins, sharing is your currency!

Keep in mind that sharing is unconditional: if you give something, expect nothing in return. If you receive a gift, accept it in whatever way you see fit.

4. Leave No Trace
Odd Sins respects the environment, the event area and its owners. We wish to leave no trace of our presence. Therefore, everyone should clean up after themselves and leave nothing behind after the event. Your garbage is your responsibility: this includes cigarette buds!

5. Here and Now
In modern society, people tend to be caught up in what happened yesterday or a year ago. Moreover, we tend to worry about the future ceaselessly. Odd Sins is about the here and now: let go of what was and what might be and you will be able to fully enjoy the moment! Be playful and curious like a child :-)

6. Independence and Teamwork
This one sounds contradictory, perhaps. We mean that everyone is self-reliant at Odd Sins. You have to bring your own food, drinks, curiosity and humour. Yet despite our personal independence, we are part of the Odd Sins community. We collaborate, we cooperate, we create, we communicate, we inspire.

When you see someone fall, help them get up. When you see someone is thirsty, offer a drink. When you see someone is unhappy, give them a tight hug. When you see someone is bored, take them on a tour and show them the area through your eyes.

7. Don't Behave Like an Idiot
We welcome everyone, but we do not like it when people start behaving badly. Act responsibly and stick to the law. Bullying, vandalizing, discrimination, sexism and any other nasty behaviour will not be tolerated.