There are no visitors at Odd Sins, only participants! This means that we need your help to make the event reach its extremely odd potential.

We are asking participants to become owners of a certain amount of time and/or space. This enables us to create our own private city filled with strange interactions, wondrous art and wicked performances. There are many ways in which you can participate. 

  • Theme camps
  • Volunteering
  • Join our Sound Camp:
    It is not possible to bring your own sound system to the event. But fear not, this definitely does not mean that there will not be any (good! fantastic! insane! mind-boggling!) music. In fact, like everything else during Odd Sins, the music will be created by the visitors. There will be at least two stages and a club during the event with a great variety of music styles. In a while we will upload DJ and musician forms so you can become part of the Odd Sins Sound Camp. 
  • As soon as is humanly possible, we will open submissions forms for theatre and dance acts, art, dangerous art (for instance if you use fire) and mutant vehicles.

As for the rest, feel free to bring your yoga mats, poi, paintings, acoustic guitars, champagne bar, play mobile mosh pit, kissing booth, entrancing dance moves, divine voice, strange outfits and good mood without asking us first!

However, if you plan on showing or doing something special, please let us know through the appropriate form so we can inform our visitors about it beforehand :-)